Wholesale Maple Syrup and Sugar Available 

As one of Michigan’s largest producers of maple syrup, we’re able to offer our products in bulk as well as offering our retail packaged items for wholesale. If you’re interested in bulk maple syrup, bulk maple sugar, wholesale maple syrup, or wholesale maple sugar, please contact us for more information. 

Organic Maple Sugar in Bulk 

Granulated maple sugar is the perfect ingredient when you want the flavor of real maple syrup but your recipe isn’t able to withstand the amount of moisture in maple syrup. Perfect for bars, baked goods and more. 

Wholesale Bulk Maple Syrup 

Our Michigan maple syrup is available by the barrel for use in food manufacturing or other applications that require large quantities of syrup. 

Michigan Maple Sugar Wholesale 

In addition to bulk quantities, we also offer our granulated maple sugar packaged for retail sales. Maple sugar is a popular alternative to cane sugar for customers who are looking to use healthier forms of sugar. 

Michigan Wholesale Maple Syrup 

Need to stock your store or kitchen with the best michigan maple syrup? We offer wholesale syrup for food service and packaged for retail. Perfect for grocery stores, specialty markets and gift shops. 

Contact us at info@michiganmaplesyrup.com if you’re interested in making a wholesale purchase.